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IBD Cure's mission is promote research and awareness. Members of the IBD community are often confused about treatments, new research, and how to support worthy causes. We work to compile current and new treatments and helpful resources for the IBD Community.

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The more I talk to others in the IBD community, the more I realize my story is really our story. When I was first diagnosed with IBD, I was overcome with fear. I started to read about current treatments and future research being conducted to come up with better therapies, and it gave me a lot more hope. I believe in the power of communities to make things move, and I hope that you will join me in my journey to learn, understand, and support research and treatments for Crohn's and Colitis.

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Pipetting Samples

August 26, 2021

UMass Medical School in Worcester received a $1.7 million grant to develop a nutrition-based treatment for Crohn’s disease, focusing on the increasing prevalence of the illness in Puerto Rico, according to an announcement from UMass on Tuesday.

August 17, 2021

“We found that the incidence of COVID-19 in IBD patients after vaccination is very low, including patients on immunosuppressive agents, and is similar to non-IBD population,” the authors noted. “Further studies including a larger cohort with longer follow-up duration are needed.”

September 2, 2021

"Our work improves understanding of how the genetics of IBD can contribute to the altered physiology in patients that drives their symptoms," McCole said. "It also supports our related work identifying how the class of drugs, called JAK inhibitors, may be used to rescue 'leaky gut,' particularly in patients with loss-of-function mutations in the PTPN2 gene.

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